Device for Sequential Protein Transfer From a Gel

Available for licensing and commercialization is a device for sequentially eluting proteins and peptides. The device comprises a separation medium having an outlet, and a collector having a first receptacle and second receptacle that can be sequentially brought into contact with the outlet of the separation medium by translating (rotating) the first receptacle and the second receptacle in relation to the outlet of the separation medium. The invention is adaptable to capillary electrophoresis as well. Multiple sequential protein transfer from SDS-PAGE gel to a mass spectrometer is made possible. Separated protein bands sequentially electrophorese into low melting agarose plugs distributed along the surface of a plastic drum. The effective electroelution of a protein from a gel band to an agarose filled slot. The drum is rotated to receive each band individually. Migrating SDS linearized proteins are electrophoresed into the receptacle slot drum. The drum is rolled until each protein of interest is separated. Agarose plugs are lifted from the drum slots; enzymatically dissolved, and loaded directly onto a MALDI spectrometer. Between two agarose layers, gel free collection chambers can be formed inside the drum providing solution phase fraction collection.


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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 7,250,097 issued 2007-07-31
US Application No. 10/888,075

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