Filtration of Red Blood Cells

The invention is a method for collecting whole blood using an oxygen permeable collection bag to prevent the polymerization of Hemoglobin S, so as to prevent clogging of leukocyte reduction filters. Red blood cell components collected for transfusion are prepared from whole blood collected by phlebotomy or apheresis from healthy volunteers. Before the manufacturing of RBC components is complete, the blood is passed through leukocyte reduction filters to remove contaminating white blood cells. Unfortunately, RBC components from healthy donors with sickle cell trait clog these filters. When this occurs, the RBC components cannot be processed further and must be thrown out. The invention takes advantage of the discovery that the obstruction of leukocyte reduction filters is due to the polymerization of Hemoglobin S in RBCs from people with sickle cell trait when the oxygen concentration is low. The invention demonstrates that collecting the blood in oxygen permeable containers prevents this polymerization, allowing for efficient high-speed filtration of collected blood.


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