Tissue Microosmometer

This new tissue microosmometer allows for the quantification of minor changes in the swelling properties of different tissues (e.g. cartilage) using very small amounts of tissue, and can be used as a potential diagnostic technique to detect early stages of cell or tissue injury such as cartilage degeneration or disorder. Varying the vapor pressure in the environment of the device induces controlled changes in the osmotic pressure of a tissue layer attached to the surface of a flat quartz crystal. Variation in the swelling degree is measured with high sensitivity and reliability by monitoring the change in resonance frequency of the quartz crystal. The device requires less than one microgram of sample, and the small tissue sample allows for an extremely fast response time. The device is well suited to the study of expensive or limited availability biological or macromolecular samples.


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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 7,380,477 issued 2008-06-03
US Application No. 60/401,935
PCT Application No. PCT/US03/24935
US Application No. 11/046,199

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