Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods and Systems for Estimating Cone of Uncertainty

In diffusion tensor MRI imaging it is desirable to determine and display the fiber tract dispersion, e.g., the eigenvectors and the associated uncertainties. For example, the unit eigenvector may be displayed with a cone of uncertainty around its tip. This conveys the notion that the direction of fiber is not known precisely. However, the known methods are directed to computation and visualization of a circular cone of uncertainty. These methods are suitable for practical computation and visualization of an elliptical cone of uncertainty. The current invention overcomes this problem by providing (1) a reconstruction procedure to construct the covariance matrix of a major eigenvector for each voxel of a region of interest of a subject, (2) a visualization technique to visualize the elliptical cone of uncertainty of the eigenvector, and (3) two reconstruction procedures to compute the normalized areal and circumferential measures of the elliptical cone of uncertainty. The methods can be used to diagnose medical disorders associated with anomalous changes in water diffusion. The methods can also be used in applications in material science and earth science (geomagnetism).

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Diagnostics
  • Material science
  • Earth science (Geomagnetism)


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U.S. Pat: 7,906,965 issued 2011-03-15
US Application No. 60/996,169

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