Diagnostics, Vaccines, and Delivery-Vehicles Related to Novel Phlebovirus

This CDC invention relates to primers and probes that specifically hybridize with Heartland virus (HRTLDV), a unique member of the genus Phlebovirus. It further relates to polyclonal antibodies specific for HRTLDV proteins. Serological detection assays using HRTLDV nucleic acid molecules, proteins, probes, primers, and antibodies are provided. Importantly, the HRTLDV genome can be engineered using reverse genetics to be attenuated, allowing development of a vaccine for other viruses within the Phlebovirus genus or Bunyaviridae family. Individual proteins or peptides of the HRTLDV can also be used in other FDA-approved virus backbones to act as vaccines. Further, since HRTLDV targets the bone marrow, disclosed HRTLDV delivery vehicles may be used to deliver therapeutic agents to the bone marrow.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Development of nucleic acid (RT-PCR) and serologic diagnostic assays for phleboviruses
  • Phlebovirus vaccines
  • Novel delivery vehicles for bone marrow-originating diseases
  • Research tool for phlebovirus virulence mechanisms
  • Vector or tick-borne illness monitoring programs for both humans and wildlife
  • Antigens and antibodies for diagnostic use have been developed
  • RT-PCR allows rapid, quantitative diagnosis
  • Potential use as bone marrow therapeutic delivery tools
  • Recombinant, pseudo-phlebovirus reporter systems have potential for a wide range of high-throughput drug-screening and research applications

Development Stage:
  • Early stage
  • In vitro data available


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Intellectual Property:
US Application No. 61/614,926
PCT Application No. PCT/US2013/033541
US Application No. 14/386,923

McMullan LK, et al. PMID 22931317
CDC FAQs: Novel phlebovirus (Heartland virus) https://www.cdc.gov/ncezid/dvbd/heartland/index.html

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