Immunization for Ebola Virus Infection

The Ebola viruses, and the genetically related Marburg virus, are filoviruses associated with outbreaks of highly lethal hemorrhagic fever in humans and primates in North America, Europe and Africa. This invention relates to Ebola virus vaccines comprising nucleic acid molecules encoding Ebola viral proteins (including the transmembrane form of the viral Glycoprotein (GP), the secreted form of the viral Glycoprotein (sGP) and the viral nucleoprotein (NP)). The nucleic acid molecules of the vaccines of the invention encode structural gene products of any Ebola viral strain including the Zaire, Sudan, Ivory Coast and Reston strains as well as the genetically related Marburg virus strains. The invention relates to the nucleic acid vaccines as well as the corresponding protein vaccines. The invention also provides methods for immunizing a subject against disease caused by infection with Ebola virus.


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