Ocular Therapeutic Agent Delivery Devices And Methods

The invention is directed to ocular implant devices for the delivery of therapeutic agents to the eye in a controlled and sustained manner. Implants suitable for either subconjunctival or intravitreal placement are the subject of the invention. These implants permit continuous release of therapeutic agents into the eye over specified periods of time, which can be weeks, months or years. In one aspect of the invention a therapeutic agent is included in both an inner core or pellet and an exterior composite matrix layer to provide a dual mode release of the therapeutic agent. That is, a loading dose is initially delivered to the eye by the matrix layer followed by a transition in release rate to a relatively steady maintenance dosage that is sustained over a prolonged period of time. In another aspect of the invention, methods for making and using the implants are described. The time-dependent delivery of one or more drugs to the eye by this invention makes it possible to maximize the pharmacological and physiological effects of the eye treatment for human and veterinary applications.


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