Automated Identification of Ileocecal Valve

Available for licensing is a system and software that analyzes digital representations of the colon and eliminates the occurrence of false positive colonic polyps. For example, in a scenario in which a list of polyp candidates is analyzed, the ileocecal valve can be removed from the list. Because the ileocecal valve is a normal structure and not a polyp (i.e., a false positive), removing the ileocecal valve from the list of polyp candidates increases the usefulness and specificity of computer aided polyp detection techniques. Characteristics of a digital representation of at least a portion of a colon can be compared with paradigmatic characteristics of digital representations of ileocecal valves. Based on determining that the digital representation has the characteristics of an ileocecal valve, action can be taken. The digital representation can be removed from a list of polyp candidates or depicted distinctively in a visual depiction. Characteristics can include density, volume, intensity, attenuation, location within the colon, and the like.


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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 7,440,601 issued 2008-10-21

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Updated: Nov 1, 2003