3-D Video Image-Based Microscopic Robotic Targeting

The invention is a robotic software and hardware system that allows a microscopic object such as a living biological cell to be targeted in 3-D optical space for micromanipulation or probing (e.g., drug testing, transgenic manipulation, nucleation/anucleation). The software permits the selection of an object for targeting by a point and click operation with a computer mouse, and performs the transforms between video pixel space, optical space and micro-manipulator mechanical coordinate space to translate the point and click operation into the precision targeting movements of the micro-positioner. The object is viewed in real time through a microscope system via a video output camera and displayed on a computer terminal.

Applications include a variety of biological laboratory precision tools such as positioning of microelectrodes for electrophysiological recording from living cells, micro-injection and micro-manipulation of cells and micro-delivery of pharmacological agents to cells for drug testing and diagnostics.

The invention may also find application in microelectronics fabrication.


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James Nash

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US Application No. 09/745,696

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