Griffithsin, Glycosylation-Resistant Griffithsin, and Related Conjugates, Compositions, Nucleic Acids, Vectors, Host Cells, Methods of Production and Methods of Using

This invention provides: (1) isolated and purified antiviral peptides or antiviral proteins named griffithsin; 2) purified nucleic acid encoding griffithsin or a fragment thereof; 3) vectors comprising such a nucleic acid; a host cell comprising such a nucleic acid or vector; 4) a conjugate comprising all or part (such as an antiviral part) of the griffithsin; 5) antibodies that bind griffithsin; 6) methods of producing griffithsin and a conjugate thereof ; 7) methods of inhibiting prophylactically and therapeutically a viral infection e.g., HIV, influenza; and, 8) vaccine development and screening assays. Since picomolar concentrations of griffithsin irreversibly inactivate human clinical isolates of HIV and the griffithsin protein can also target other retroviruses (e.g. FIV, SIV and HTLV) and non-retroviruses (influenza, measles, ebola) having envelope constituents similar to HIV, this invention may represent potential new therapeutic or prophylactic applications against viruses, including the causative agent for AIDS.


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