Teniae Coli Guided Navigation and Registration for Virtual Colonoscopy

This invention describes a more sensitive and efficient method for colon cancer screening using the teniae coli as an anatomical reference. Most computed tomographic colonography (CTC) protocols for colon cancer screening require that a patient is scanned in both the supine and prone positions for increased sensitivity; as a result, a reference system between scans is necessary for lesion matching. The teniae coli are three equal-distanced bands of longitudinal smooth muscle on the surface of the colon between the appendix and the sigmoid colon. These muscles can be used as anatomical landmarks to derive a coordinate system to better localize and register the corresponding supine and prone positions of a CTC study. The inventors have devised a semi-automated system for extracting data from the teniae coli and defining coordinate systems based on them.

The invention allows for more detailed detection of anatomical features for surgical planning, better camera orientation and virtual protocols, more efficient lesion registration, and precise record keeping. The algorithm has been used successfully to correctly localize several polyps to the same circumferential position in both supine and prone scans of a CTC study.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Positioning virtual cameras for navigating a single dataset.
  • Synchronizing virtual cameras for virtual colonoscopic navigation.
  • Predicting lesion candidates in a bound region for both 2D and 3D reading paradigms.
  • Automatic polyp matching between scans for CAD applications.

Development Stage:
Late stage


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Intellectual Property:
U.S. Pat: 7,570,986 issued 2009-08-04
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A Huang, DA Roy, RM Summers, M Franaszek, N Petrick, JR Choi, PJ Pickhardt. Teniae coli-based circumferential localization system for CT colonography: feasibility study. Radiology 2007 May;243(2):551-560. PubMed abs

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