A SNP-based blood test for predicting breast cancer survival and determining treatment strategies

Metastasis is a primary cause of patient morbidity and mortality in solid tumors. Although recent advances in genomic technologies have provided major insights into tumor etiology, there is a significant lack of knowledge regarding the factors that contribute to metastasis.

Through studying the metastatic susceptibility of tumors, NCI researchers discovered a select panel of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and a method for predicting breast cancer patient’s survival. In this array, SNPs are analyzed from a patient’s genomic DNA (gDNA). The results can be used to predict whether a patient is likely to respond to current breast cancer treatment strategies. This technology can indicate the probability of responding to treatment and can also identify those patients that require alternative, more aggressive therapeutic strategies.

Importantly, this invention has several advantages over the currently-offered gene expression-based breast cancer prognostic tests. Since this array can be completed following routine blood draw, rather than through a tumor biopsy, the samples are more stable, the process is quicker, simpler, less-invasive, and more cost-effective than current methods.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Identification of patients with higher susceptibility to tumor progression (i.e., metastasis).
  • Prediction of breast cancer survival (less than 10 years, for example) using a new array and methods.
  • Since the array processes DNA from blood rather than tissue from a standard biopsy or resection of a primary tumor, it is faster, simpler, more cost-efficient, less-invasive, and more stable because gDNA is more stable than tumor mRNA

Development Stage:
Pre-clinical (in vivo)


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Intellectual Property:
US Provisional Application No. 62/297,557

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John Hewes, Ph.D.
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OTT Reference No: E-082-2015
Updated: Jun 18, 2018