Refinement of Isointensity Surfaces

The invention is a method for reconstructing arterial geometry from magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) using isosurfaces deformed to conform to the boundaries of objects in the image with minimal a priori assumptions of object shape. The method determines the degree of stenosis in digital phantoms with an accuracy of at least 10%. This method, unlike previous techniques, does not require the imposition of a pre-defined surface mesh onto the image or user interaction for definition of the vessel axes. Here, the deformable model surface mesh is generated by the isosurface algorithm. Accordingly, the new method requires minimal user interaction and provides highly accurate results when applied to the evaluation of vascular stenoses. The methodology may also be applicable for reconstruction of the geometry of vascular aneurysms from MRA. Other potential applications include precision surface reconstruction of vascular surfaces from computed tomographic angiography (CTA) and precision reconstruction of the surface of the colon from computed tomography (CT).


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