Renal Selective Unsaturated Englerin Analogues

Englerin A, a natural product, has shown growth-inhibiting activity against renal cancer cell lines. The compound is an agonist of protein kinase C (PCK) theta, which results in cell cytotoxicity, insulin inhibition, and selective activation of viral replication in T cells.  Englerin A derivatives are promising treatment strategies for any diseases associated with PKC theta and/or ion channel proteins.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute have developed a series of Englerin A analogs for the treatment of renal cancer. The new derivatives are less toxic than the parent compound and have shown effective inhibition of growth in vitro.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Renal cancer therapeutic
  • HIV therapeutic
  • PKC theta associated with a number of immune disorders, cancers, and HIV
  • Reduced toxicity compared to parent Englerin A compounds

Development Stage:
Basic (Target Identification)

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Intellectual Property:
Application No. 62/146,805
Application No. PCT/US2016/027262
Application No. 2016247920
Application No. 16718144.5
Application No. 2017-554513
Application No. 15/564,353

Lopez-Suarez L, et al. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New (-)-Englerin Analogues.  PMID: 27005578

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