Improved Pepper Spray for Repellency and Incapacitation

Non-lethal means of temporarily incapacitating a person are greatly needed for law enforcement and for personal protection.  A common approach is to use pepper spray.  Although current pepper sprays are effective, they cause pain for excessively long periods, and could be life threatening for people who suffer from asthma and have hypersensitive airways.  This technology describes a composition for use in an aerosol or spray, that when administered, causes a painful stimulation and incapacitates a person for only a brief period. This technology may improve safety over currently available pepper sprays.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Law enforcement (policing, riot control, crowd control)
  • Incapacitating agent for use in hostage situations
  • Personal self-defense, non-lethal weapons
  • Incapacitating pepper spray with reduced toxicity and enhanced safety.
  • May reduce potential agency liability in case of an adverse response of an individual who was sprayed (due to reduced toxicity may not be as life threatening to those suffering from asthma or have hypersensitive airways as standard pepper sprays).
  • Mixture can be incorporated into a spray, aerosol, or other dispersions.

Development Stage:
Basic (Target Identification)


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Intellectual Property:
Canadian Application No. 61/340,063
Application No. PCT/US2011/028132
Application No. 2,792, 878
Application No. 13/634,447
Application No. 15/010,830

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John Hewes, Ph.D.
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OTT Reference No: E-048-2010
Updated: Dec 19, 2017