Magnetic Resonance Tracking of Magnetically Labeled Cells

Demyelination is a common pathological finding in human neurological diseases and frequently persists as a result of failure of endogenous repair. It has recently been demonstrated that transplanted oligodendrocytes and their precursor cells can remyelinate axons. The survival, acute dispersion, and migratory pattern of these cell lines is crucial for the extent and limit of remyelination. Presently, the assessment of survival and migratory pattern is unpredictable and requires invasive, irreversible procedures. This invention describes a real time in vivo imaging of neural cells using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging. The technique involves an ex vivo delivery of the contrasting agent into the target cells, which are then either injected or transplanted into the subject. These target cells can then be non-invasively monitored for their translocation. This technique has been successfully applied to the imaging of spinal cord samples and has potential for monitoring the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and for monitoring the successful delivery and location of genetically modified cells for treatment of Parkinson's Disease. It may also have possible applications in the monitoring of cellular differentiation.


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