Coupled Calcium/Citrate Delivery System and Method for Apheresis Devices

The invention is a method and device for eliminating the long recognized physiologic symptoms caused by the use of citrate anticoagulant in apheresis procedures. The adverse effects caused by citrate anticoagulants can be prevented by administration of an intravenous calcium infusion through the return line, coupled to the rate of the citrate infusion administered into the draw line of apheresis devices. The invention automatically couples the calcium infusion rate to the citrate anticoagulant rate. The device calculates and administers the appropriate amount of intravenous elemental calcium to neutralize citrate symptoms, and replaces calcium for donors and patients receiving citrate infusions during the performance of apheresis procedures. The invention fills a long standing need to make apheresis procedures safer, more economical, and more universally applicable to a wider range of donors. In addition, the invention significantly shortens the amount of time necessary for the apheresis procedure, by allowing higher flow rates.


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