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Portable Laser-Operated Counterfeit Drug Identifier (CoDI) for Tablets

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Michael Green (CDC)
Lead Inventors
Michael Green (CDC)
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Commercial Applications
  • Instrument can detect counterfeit, degraded, and expired drugs in tablet formation
  • The general public as well as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies can assess drug quality
  • Drug regulatory, Customs and law enforcement agencies may test and screen large amounts of samples
  • Pharmaceutical companies may use the device for quality control purposes or generic drug testing
Competitive Advantages
  • Simple, efficient, and quick detection of counterfeit and poor quality drugs
  • CoDI uses inexpensive laser technology versus other analytical equipment
  • Does not destroy sample
  • First field trials to test antimalarial drug samples with the device in Ghana were successful
  • Field trials to test additional drug samples are underway

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