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Moraxella Catarrhalis Lipooligosaccharide Based Conjugate Vaccines for the Prevention of Otitis Media and Respiratory Infections

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Xin-xing Gu (NIDCD)
Lead Inventors
Xin-xing Gu (NIDCD)
Development Stages
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
Development Status
  • In vitro data available
  • In vivo data available (animal)
Commercial Applications
  • Vaccines for the prevention of respiratory infections and otitis media caused by Moraxella catarrhalis.
U.S. Patent 7,641,906 (E-217-2001/0-US-06) referenced in abstracts published for U.S. Patent 6,685,949 (E-264-1997/0-US-13) and U.S. Patents 6,207,157 & 6,607,725 (E-228-1995/1-US-01 & E-228-1995/1-US-02). These abstracts may be viewed under Technology records for E-264-1997/0 (TAB-2101) and E-228-1995/1 (TAB-2102)
Competitive Advantages
  • Novel vaccine candidates
  • LOS is a conserved antigen

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