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Real-Time PCR Assay for Specific Detection of Haemophilus influenzae Serotypes A and B

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Cynthia Hatcher (CDC)
Jennifer Thomas (CDC)
Leonard Mayer (CDC)
Mary Theodore (CDC)
Raydel Anderson (CDC)
Xin Wang (CDC)
Lead Inventors
Jennifer Thomas (CDC)
Cynthia Hatcher (CDC)
Leonard Mayer (CDC)
Mary Theodore (CDC)
Raydel Anderson (CDC)
Xin Wang (CDC)
Development Status
  • Early-stage
  • Pre-clinical
  • In vitro data available
Therapeutic Areas
Infectious Disease
Commercial Applications
  • Meningitis nucleic acid-based diagnostics for testing clinical samples
  • Useful for public health monitoring programs
  • Surveillance of circulating H. influenzae serotypes
Haemophilus influenzae is responsible for life-threatening respiratory infections including meningitis. This assay allows for the qualitative detection of the bacterial meningitis pathogen H. influenzae serotype A (Hia) and serotype B (Hib) in fluid samples, without detecting any of the other serotypes of H. influenzae. This invention is capable of detecting even the very small numbers of Hia or Hib within clinical specimens.
Competitive Advantages
  • Easily adapted to a real-time PCR assay (monoplex or multiplex) kit
  • Rapid, accurate and specific, especially when compared to sero-diagnostic approaches
  • No further testing need, presently ready for commercialization

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