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Chimeric Reporter West Nile/Dengue Viruses and Their Use for Assay Development

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Claire Kinney (CDC)
Lead Inventors
Claire Kinney (CDC)
Development Stages
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
Commercial Applications
  • Diagnostic assays for antibody detection of all 4 serotypes of dengue virus
  • High throughput, rapid neutralization assays
  • Same chimeric reporter virus platform for dengue and Zika viruses, and likely for other flaviviruses
  • Antiviral screening and virology research (infection, replication, and pathogenesis)
  • Vaccine candidate immunogenicity testing and validation
  • Monitoring and public health surveillance studies
Competitive Advantages
  • Offers high throughput (scale), easy-to-use procedures and a potentially more sensitive assay
  • Allows fast neutralizing antibody detection in as little as 24-30 hours post-infection
  • Removes the requirement of cellulose or agar overlay, cell fixation, and virus foci/plaque staining in assays
  • The reporter chimeric WN/DENVs replicate faster and more robustly than the whole DENVs
  • The assay developed with these reporter viruses can be directly measured from live cell cultures (live imaging by image-based cytometers or plate readers)
  • Easy and high yield production of the chimeric reporter viruses
  • Genetic and cytometry assays available to confirm the integrity of the reporter gene in the generated CRV stocks

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