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Floxed Targeted Mouse Strain for Use in Conditional Deletion of the Irf8 Gene

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Herbert Morse (NIAID)
Lead Inventors
Herbert Morse (NIAID)
Research Materials
Commercial Applications
  • Target identification in B and T cell deficiency, macrophage defects and hematopoiesis
  • A tool for investigating IRF8 mediated issues associated with inflammation and autoimmunity
  • Investigative tool for development of potential therapeutics for lymphoma and Human Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
IRF8, a member of interferon regulatory factor (IRF) family of transcription factors is a novel intrinsic transcriptional inhibitor of TH17-cell differentiation. TH17-cells are believed to be involved in the pathogenesis of various autoimmune/inflammatory diseases. The Irf8f floxed targeted mutated mouse strain can be used to selectively ablate expression of IRF8 in any cell type in which a Cre recombinase gene is activated. This will permit the identification of IRF8- regulated genes and their effects in specific types of developing and mature cells. These materials could be used to help define patterns of gene expression important for the development and function of cells including possible contributions to understanding: Normal immune responses, inflammatory conditions, autoimmunity and anti-viral responses. This technology is available for licensing for commercial development in accordance with 35 U.S.C. 209 and 37 CFR part 404. SEE ATTACHED
Competitive Advantages
  • Mice with established germ line transmission for use in conditional deletion of the IRF8 gene in any cellt type

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