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New Mouse Strain with Conditional Deletion of SMAD7: Analysis of Disease Processes Involving Immunological, Fibrotic or Cardiovascular Indications

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Marilyn Diaz (NIEHS)
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Marilyn Diaz (NIEHS)
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  • Mouse model of Scleroderma
  • Means of studying bone morphogenesis and cardiovascular tissue generation
  • Means of studying the role of SMAD7 in immune regulation
SMAD7 conditional knockout mice are available for licensing. SMAD7 can be knocked out by breeding with CRE-recombinase transgenic mice with a variety of promoters to yield tissue or cell type-specific deletions of SMAD7. SMAD7 has been shown to play a role in bone morphogenesis, cardiovascular tissue generation, immune regulation and fibrosis. Therefore, these mice provide a unique model to examine the role of the SMAD7 gene in disease processes that involve immunological, fibrotic, or cardiovascular components. Specifically, these mice may represent a novel model of Scleroderma, a disease with both an immunological and fibrotic component.

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