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Potential New Drugs for Treating or Preventing Pruritus
Ref: E-485-2013-1 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Regenerative Therapy for Cartilage Damage
Ref: E-152-2017-0 | Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Human and Veterinary Cancer Therapeutic Agent Utilizing Anthrax Toxin-Based Technology
Ref: E-293-1999/0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2017
Engineered Anthrax Toxin Variants that Target Cancer
Ref: E-246-2012-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2017
Human and Veterinary Cancer Therapeutic Agent Utilizing Anthrax Toxin-Based Technology
Ref: E-293-1999-0 | Updated: Jul 6, 2017
A Novel Rapid Point-of Care Diagnostic Method for Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases
Ref: E-190-2015/0 | Updated: Sep 23, 2015
A Novel Rapid Point-of Care Diagnostic Method for Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases
Ref: E-190-2015-0 | Updated: May 6, 2018
Rabbit Antisera to Various Matrix, Matricellular, and Other Secreted Proteins
Ref: E-135-2008-0 | Updated: May 7, 2018
mNFHcre Transgenic Mice
Ref: E-293-2009-0 | Updated: Aug 10, 2015
Novel Treatment for Anemia and Polycythemia: AVPR1B Molecules Modulating Erythropoiesis
Ref: E-619-2013-0 | Updated: Aug 6, 2015
WNT1-Induced Secreted Protein-1 Knockout Mouse Model
Ref: E-234-2015-0 | Updated: Aug 6, 2015
Role of Novel Hepatitis Delta Virus Variant in Sjogren’s Syndrome
Ref: E-736-2013-0 | Updated: Apr 14, 2014
Methods of Treating or Preventing Pruritis (Itch)
Ref: E-485-2013 | Updated: May 31, 2018
Methods of Treating or Preventing Pruritis (Itch)
Ref: E-485-2013-0 | Updated: Jun 7, 2018
Development of Immune System Tolerance for the Treatment of Autoimmune Disease
Ref: E-186-2009-0 | Updated: Feb 11, 2016
mTOR Inhibition for the Prevention of Epithelial Stem Cell Loss and Mucositis
Ref: E-257-2012-0 | Updated: May 8, 2018
Diagnostic Test and Therapeutic Target for Sjogren's Syndrome
Ref: E-232-2011-0 | Updated: Apr 6, 2017
Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapy for Diabetes and Obesity
Ref: E-142-2011-0 | Updated: Nov 2, 2016
AAV Mediated CTLA-4 Gene Transfer to Treat Sjogren's Syndrome
Ref: E-087-2011-0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2011
Platform Technology Using Ubiquitin to Improve the Delivery and Efficacy of Cytosolic Targeted Toxins
Ref: E-150-2011/0 | Updated: Sep 29, 2011
Identification of EGFR as A Receptor for AAV6 Transduction
Ref: E-194-2010-0 | Updated: Apr 30, 2012
Simple, Quantitative Sensitive High-throughput Antibody Detection for Lyme Disease
Ref: E-036-2010-1 | Updated: May 8, 2018
Diagnostic Biomarker of Metastasis for Improved Clinical Management of Head and Neck Cancer
Ref: E-300-2008-0 | Updated: May 8, 2018
Biomarkers for Sjogren's Syndrome
Ref: E-018-2009-0 | Updated: Jun 8, 2018
Antigen Mixtures for Serological Detection of HHV-8 Infection
Ref: E-063-2009-0 | Updated: May 6, 2018
Prevention of Head and Neck Cancer Using Rapamycin and Its Analogs
Ref: E-302-2008-0 | Updated: May 8, 2018
Scalable Purification of AAV2, AAV4 or AAV5 Using Ion-Exchange Chromatography
Ref: E-308-2001-0 | Updated: Nov 1, 2008
Recombinant Modified Bacillus anthracis Protective Antigen for Use in Vaccines
Ref: E-268-2002-0 | Updated: Sep 1, 2008
Tendon Stem Cells
Ref: E-233-2007-0 | Updated: Apr 6, 2017
Micropatterning of Extracellular Matrix Proteins Using Microphoto-ablation Of Poly vinyl Alcohol (PVA) Monolayers
Ref: E-001-2008-0 | Updated: Dec 1, 2007
Isolation, Cloning and Characterization of New Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Serotypes
Ref: E-179-2005-0 | Updated: Aug 1, 2007
Cloning and Characterization of an Avian Adeno-Associated Virus and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-105-2003-0 | Updated: Mar 1, 2007
Vaccine Production Strain for Acellular Pertussis Vaccine
Ref: E-159-1999-0 | Updated: Sep 16, 2015
Transcytosis of Adeno-Associated Viruses
Ref: E-298-2004-0 | Updated: Jan 1, 2006
Methods and Compositions for the Inhibition of SARS-CoV Replication Propagation and Transmission
Ref: E-253-2005-0 | Updated: Dec 1, 2005
Adult Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells in vitro and in vivo
Ref: E-233-2000-0 | Updated: Oct 5, 2015
Multipotent Postnatal Stem Cells From Human Periodontal Ligament and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-033-2004-0 | Updated: Sep 24, 2015
Postnatal Stem Cells and Uses Thereof
Ref: E-018-2003-0 | Updated: Oct 5, 2015
Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Vascular Channels and Methods of Inhibiting Proliferation
Ref: E-320-2001-0 | Updated: Jun 1, 2005
Activation of Recombinant Diphtheria Toxin Fusion Proteins by Specific Proteases Highly Expressed on the Surface of Tumor Cells
Ref: E-331-2002-0 | Updated: Jan 1, 2005
Hybrid Adeno-Retroviral Vector for the Transformation of Cells (E-312-2000)
Ref: E-312-2000-0 | Updated: Sep 1, 2004
Hybrid Adeno-Retroviral Vector for the Transformation of Cells (E-258-1998)
Ref: E-258-1998-0 | Updated: Apr 1, 2004
Pain Control by the Selective Local Ablation of Nociceptive Neurons
Ref: E-109-2000-0 | Updated: Dec 1, 2003
A Mouse Model for Human Osteoarthritis
Ref: E-081-2002-0 | Updated: Jun 16, 2010
Imaging of Extracellular Proteases in Cells Using Mutant Anthrax Toxin Protective Antigens
Ref: E-295-2001-0 | Updated: Jan 22, 2010
Assay for the Detection of a Variety of Tumors in Biological Specimens
Ref: E-173-1998-0 | Updated: May 1, 2000
Virally Mediated Gene Therapy For The Control Of Chronic Or Persistent Pain
Ref: E-044-1998-0 | Updated: May 6, 2018
Thymosin alpha 1 Promotes Tissue Repair, Angiogenesis and Cell Migration
Ref: E-250-1997-0 | Updated: May 16, 2016
Genetic Polymorphisms Of Interleukin-1 Alpha And Beta Associated With Early Onset Periodontitis
Ref: E-076-1998-0 | Updated: Oct 1, 1998
Laminin A Peptides
Ref: E-246-1988-0 | Updated: Oct 1, 1997
Peptides With Laminin Activity
Ref: E-521-1986-3 | Updated: Jun 15, 2010
Materials And Methods For Detection And Treatment Of Insulin Dependent Diabetes
Ref: E-184-1995-0 | Updated: Dec 1, 1996
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