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Engineered Biological Pacemakers
Ref: E-134-2009 | Updated: Nov 5, 2018
Treating Vascular Disease, Injury, and Inflammation
Ref: E-165-2011 | Updated: Sep 6, 2016
Thalidomide Analogs that Inhibit Inflammation and Angiogenesis
Ref: E-208-2015 | Updated: Aug 31, 2016
Novel Regulatory B cells for Treatment of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease
Ref: E-101-2010 | Updated: Aug 31, 2016
Transformation of Weak or Non-Immunogenic Antigens to Produce an Immune Response and Therapeutic Polypeptides for the Treatment and Prevention of Cancer
Ref: E-271-2006 | Updated: Aug 23, 2018
Fatty Acid Derivatives and Their Use
Ref: E-151-2017 | Updated: Apr 25, 2018
Therapeutics for Neurodegenerative Disorders and Cancer Using Lenalidomide Analogs
Ref: E-045-2012 | Updated: Apr 3, 2018
Immunogenic Antigen Selective Cancer Immunotherapy
Ref: E-089-2009 | Updated: Mar 21, 2018
Coacervate Micoparticles Useful for the Sustained Release of Therapeutic Agents
Ref: E-116-2004 | Updated: Jun 28, 2017
Thalidomide Analogs that Inhibit Inflammation and Angiogenesis
Ref: E-208-2015-0 | Updated: Jan 4, 2016
Device and System for Enhancing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Ref: E-224-2014/0 | Updated: Oct 9, 2014
Hexanucleotide Repeat in the C9orf72 Gene for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Frontotemporal Dementia
Ref: E-275-2011/0 | Updated: Dec 19, 2013
Software Method for 2-D NMR Tissue Compartment Analysis
Ref: E-734-2013/0 | Updated: Oct 18, 2013
Novel Analogues of the Asthma Drug Fenoterol as Liver and Brain Cancer Therapeutic Agents
Ref: E-139-2012/0 | Updated: Aug 1, 2012
Treatment of Acute and Chronic Neurological Disorders Using GLP-1, Exendin-4 and Analogs
Ref: E-049-2001/0 | Updated: Oct 5, 2015
Lenalidomide Analogs for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders and Cancer
Ref: E-045-2012/0 | Updated: Dec 14, 2017
Human Soluble Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (sRAGE) for Treating Vascular Disease, Injury, or Inflammation
Ref: E-165-2011/0 | Updated: Jun 29, 2017
Novel Inhibitors of Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin (TSLP) for Cancer Therapy
Ref: E-019-2011-0 | Updated: Nov 1, 2012
Fenoterol and Fenoterol Analogues for Treatment of Glioma, Glioblastoma, and Astrocytoma
Ref: E-013-2010-0 | Updated: Jun 6, 2018
Zscan4, a Therapeutic Target for Cancer, Regenerative Medicine and Aging
Ref: E-172-2009/0 | Updated: Jun 14, 2010
Novel Regulatory B cells for Treatment of Cancer and Autoimmune Disease
Ref: E-101-2010/0 | Updated: Sep 21, 2015
Genetically Modified Stem Cells for Personalized Therapy of Single Gene Disorders
Ref: E-171-2008/0 | Updated: Jan 22, 2010
Susceptibility-Matched Multiwell Plates for MRI and NMR Spectroscopy
Ref: E-243-2005/0 | Updated: Mar 28, 2013
Novel Chemoattractant-Based Toxins to Improve Vaccine Immune Responses for Cancer and Infectious Diseases
Ref: E-027-2005-0 | Updated: Sep 23, 2009
Broadly Applicable Modules for Improved Expression and Detection of Membrane Proteins
Ref: E-016-2009/0 | Updated: May 28, 2009
Targeted Delivery of siRNA
Ref: E-051-2008/0 | Updated: Oct 10, 2017
Coacervate Microparticles Useful for the Sustained Release Administration of Therapeutic Agents
Ref: E-116-2004/0 | Updated: Jun 29, 2017
A Drug Index to Quantify Harmful Drug Exposure in Older Adults
Ref: E-241-2006/0 | Updated: Jan 1, 2008
Method of Treating or Preventing Oxidative Stress-related Diseases (stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, wound healing and cardiovascular diseases)
Ref: E-059-2006/0 | Updated: Jul 1, 2007
Dissection Tools and Methods of Use
Ref: E-272-2005/0 | Updated: Apr 1, 2007
Preparation of (R,R)-Fenoterol and (R,R)-or (R,S)-Fenoterol Analogues and Their Use in Treating Congestive Heart Failure
Ref: E-205-2006/2 | Updated: Apr 21, 2016
A Novel DNA Vaccine for the Treatment of Malignancies Expressing Immature Laminin Receptor Protein
Ref: E-271-2006-0 | Updated: Jun 16, 2010
Preparation of (R,R)-Fenoterol and (R,R)-or (R,S)-Fenoterol Analogues and Their Use in Treating Congestive Heart Failure
Ref: E-205-2006-2 | Updated: Apr 21, 2016
Methods for Identifying and Isolating Pancreatic Precursor Cells
Ref: E-262-2003/0 | Updated: Oct 5, 2015
Methods and Compositions Related to GHS-R Antagonist
Ref: E-017-2004/0 | Updated: Jul 1, 2006
Anti-Marinobufagenin Antibodies and Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease
Ref: E-092-2004/0 | Updated: Jun 29, 2017
Synthesis of Phosphocholine Ester Derivatives and Conjugates Thereof
Ref: E-330-2004/0 | Updated: May 1, 2005
Biomarkers for Osteoarthritis
Ref: E-354-2004/0 | Updated: Sep 24, 2015
New Derivative of Dextromethorphan for Use in Neuronal Therapy
Ref: E-158-2003/1 | Updated: Nov 4, 2009
Thalidomide Analogs
Ref: E-189-2003-0 | Updated: Dec 1, 2003
Agents Useful for Reducing Amyloid Precursor Protein and Treating Dementia and Methods of Use Thereof
Ref: E-141-2000/0 | Updated: Jun 15, 2010
Lever Coil Sensor for Respiratory and Cardiac Motion
Ref: E-134-2001/0 | Updated: Jun 1, 2001
Novel Inhibitors of p53 for Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders, Myocardial Infarction and Other Tissue Insults
Ref: E-222-2000/0 | Updated: Jun 14, 2010
Establishment of Cellular Manipulations Which Enhance Oligo-Mediated Gene Targeting
Ref: E-087-2000/0 | Updated: Jul 1, 2000
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