Technologies related to NCATS

Substituted Quinoline Analogs as Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1A1 (ALDH1A1) Inhibitors
Ref: E-101-2017/0 | Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Potent and Selective Cyclic Peptide Inhibitors of Phosphoglycerate Mutase as Anti-Infective Agents
Ref: E-229-2016/0 | Updated: Apr 26, 2017
Novel Dopamine D2 Receptor Antagonists and Methods of Their Use
Ref: E-030-2013/0 | Updated: Sep 5, 2017
Novel Small Molecule Antimalarials for Elimination of Malaria Transmission
Ref: E-751-2013/0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Cotranslational Protein Expression System for High-throughput Screening
Ref: E-300-2012/0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Pyruvate Kinase M2 Activators for the Treatment of Cancer
Ref: E-298-2011-1 | Updated: May 7, 2018
Novel Tocopherol and Tocopheryl Quinone Derivatives as Therapeutics for Lysosomal Storage Disorders
Ref: E-148-2012-0 | Updated: Mar 22, 2018
Highly Potent and Selective Deubiquitinating Enzyme Inhibitor
Ref: E-043-2013/0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Novel Small Molecule Agonists of the Relaxin Receptor as Potential Therapy for Heart Failure and Fibrosis
Ref: E-072-2012/0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Cyclodextrins as Therapeutics for Lysosomal Storage Disorders
Ref: E-050-2012-0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Human Galactokinase for the Treatment of Galactosemia and Cancers
Ref: E-240-2011/0 | Updated: Apr 20, 2016
Non-toxic Compounds that Inhibit the Formation and Spreading of Tumors
Ref: E-276-2011/0 | Updated: Apr 21, 2016
Methods of Treating Giardiasis Using FDA-Approved Compounds
Ref: E-211-2010/1 | Updated: Aug 17, 2012
Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors for the Treatment of Huntington’s Disease
Ref: E-258-2010/0 | Updated: Jun 8, 2011
Glucocerebrosidase Activators as a Treatment for Gaucher Disease
Ref: E-257-2010-0 | Updated: Oct 6, 2011
Selective 12-Human Lipoxygenase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Diabetes and Clotting
Ref: E-134-2010/0 | Updated: Nov 18, 2015
Pyruvate Kinase M2 Activators for the Treatment of Cancer
Ref: E-120-2010/0 | Updated: Mar 12, 2015
Caspase Inhibitors Useful for the Study of Autoimmune or Inflammatory Diseases
Ref: E-308-2009/0 | Updated: Mar 11, 2010
Small Molecule Activators of Human Pyruvate Kinase for Treatment of Cancer and Enzyme-Deficient Hemolytic Anemia
Ref: E-326-2008/0 | Updated: May 5, 2009
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