Technology Bundle ID: TAB-3384

Real-Time PCR Assay for HIV-1 Subtype Diagnosis and Global Surveillance of Drug Resistance

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Primary Inventors: 
Chunfu Yang (CDC)
Joshua Devos (CDC), Nicholas Wagar (CDC), Zhiyong Zhou (CDC)
Therapeutic Area: 
Infectious Disease
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CDC researchers have developed a patented set of RT-PCR and sequencing primers based on HIV-1 group M sequences. Evaluation of the primers using samples collected around the world demonstrated broad detection capacity for multiple HIV-1 group subtypes and predominant circulating recombinant forms. Commercially available HIV-1 drug resistance (HIVDR) genotyping assays are expensive and have limited ability to detect non-B subtypes. This optimized assay is broadly sensitive in genotyping HIV-1 group M viral strains and more sensitive than other assays in detecting mixed viral populations. This technology can be used in resource-limited settings where HIVDR surveillance is recommended to minimize the development and transmission of HIVDR.

  • Utility for HIV-1 sub-typing detection, evaluation of anti-HIV therapeutic efficacy, and HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) surveillance and monitoring
  • Rapid, accurate, and cost-effective technology easily adapted as a kit
  • HIV-1 sub-typing diagnostic
  • Evaluation of efficacy of anti-HIV therapeutics
  • HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) surveillance and monitoring
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple to implement
  • Rapid, accurate and objectively conclusive
  • Easily implemented as a kit
  • Assay could be applicable to HIVDR genotyping in both ART-naive and ART-experienced populations


PCT Application PCT/US2012/045523
Filed on 2012-07-05
US Application 61/504,522
Filed on 2011-07-05
US Pat 10,053,741

Issued 2018-08-21
US Pat 9,040,244

Issued 2015-05-26


Yang C, et al.
PMID 20660209
Zhou Z, et. al.
PMID 22132237


Sep 16, 2019

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