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A Novel Reagent for Labeling PET Tracers at Trifluoromethyl Groups

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Lead Inventors
Victor Pike (NIMH)
Mohammad Haskali (NIMH)
Development Stages
The molecular imaging technique of positron emission tomography (PET) is an increasingly important tool in biomedical research and in drug discovery and development. Many small molecule drugs and potential PET radiotracers carry trifluoromethyl (CF3) groups. Because CF3 groups are generally considered to be metabolically stable, there is a strong interest in developing drugs with these groups. This invention describes a novel method and apparatus for producing no-carrier added [11C]fluoroalkanes, which can be used as labeling agents for PET radiotracers at CF3 groups. Prior to this technology, no method for [11C]fluoroalkyaltion has existed. The reported method, which involves passing [11C]methane over a heated column of a metal fluoride, has high yield and high specificity, is simple, fast, and capable of being fully automated. Of special interest is the efficient production of [11C]fluoroform, which can be readily applied to labeling a variety of chemotypes with a [11C]trifluoromethyl group.
Commercial Applications
  • Apparatus for producing no-carrier added [11C]fluoroalkanes
  • CF3-based PET labeling agents
Competitive Advantages
  • High yield
  • High molar activity
  • Increased simplicity
  • Capable of automation
  • Rapid method to produce PET radiotracers (~15 min)

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