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Immortalized Stria Vascularis Cell Line SV-k1

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Lead Inventors
Gilda Canseco De Kalinec (NIDCD)
Frederico Kalinec (NIDCD)
Available for nonexclusive licensing for research uses is the cell line, SV-k1, derived from the Organ of Corti. The line was developed from the stria vascularis, an organ localized on the lateral wall of the cochlea, adjacent to the Organ of Corti, containing cell populations specialized in the production of an endolymph very rich in K+ characteristic of the mammalian inner ear. SV-k1 cells express a set of biomarkers completely different of those expressed by OC-k3 cells, and are not sensitive to ototoxic drugs.
Commercial Applications
  • Research
  • Hearing research

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