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Real-time RT-PCR assay for Detection of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine for A and B Viruses

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Bo Shu (CDC)
Christine Warnes (CDC), Kai-Hui Wu (CDC), LaShondra Berman (CDC), Stephen Lindstrom (CDC)
Development Stage: 
Pre-clinical (in vivo)
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In vivo data available (human)

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Upon intranasal vaccination, live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) viruses may replicate within the nose for several days. Current clinical diagnostic tests cannot distinguish between LAIV viruses and multiple influenza viruses in recently inoculated patients that present with respiratory symptoms. This poses a problem for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with respiratory symptoms, as these symptoms may not be caused by influenza. CDC researchers have developed a real-time RT-PCR assay to detect the presence of LAIV viruses. This test is rapid, accurate, and provides diagnostic data about whether patient respiratory symptoms are due to wild-type influenza or LAIV viruses. Detection of LAIV viruses with this assay will allow practitioners to investigate other pathogens as causative agents for a patient's respiratory symptoms.

  • Diagnostic assay for the discrimination of LAIV A and B viruses from the influenza virus.
  • Ablility to distinguish between LAIV viruses A/B and influenza in patients with respiratory symptoms, thereby allowing for the pursuit of other potential pathogens (if symptoms are caused by LAIV instead of influenza).
  • Can detect LAIV A and B viruses.


EIR Application
PCT Application PCT/US2016/066370
Filed on 2016-12-13
US Application 16/062,483
Filed on 2018-06-14
US Application 62/267,085
Filed on 2015-12-14


Shcherbik S, et al.
PMID 24056261


May 19, 2015

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