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Cannabinoid Receptor Meditating Compounds for Metabolic Disease

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George Kunos (NIAAA)
Kenner Rice (NIDA), Malliga Iyer (NIAAA), Resat Cinar (NIAAA)
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There is evidence that the metabolic effects of endocannabinoids are mediated by CB1 receptors in peripheral tissues. While prior attempts at generating CB1 receptor blockers have had serious neuropsychiatric side effects, inventors at NIH have discovered compounds that block CB1 receptors with reduced brain penetrance. In addition, some of these compounds also have a direct inhibitory effect on inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS), whereas another group of the compounds directly activates AMP kinas. These dual-target compounds may be useful for treating metabolic disease and related conditions such as obesity and diabetes and their complications, including liver or kidney fibrosis, without the dangerous the side effects.

  • Treatment of metabolic disease and related conditions such as diabetes, obesity and fibrotic disease.
  • Cannabinoid receptor blockers with reduced brain penetrance relative to older drugs of this class, also having secondary target for improved therapeutic efficacy.


PCT Application PCT/US2015/029946
Filed on 2015-05-08
US Application 61/991,333
Filed on 2014-05-09
US Pat 10,329,259

Issued 2019-06-25


Dec 11, 2014

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