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Polypeptides and Methods for Enhancing and Balancing Monovalent or Multivalent Flavivirus Vaccines

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Gwong-Jen Chang (CDC)
Holly Hughes (CDC)
Development Stage: 
Pre-clinical (in vivo)
Development Status: 
  • In vitro data available
  • In vivo data available (animal)
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CDC researchers have developed a potent immunogenic enhancer polypeptide useful for improving flavivirus vaccines. Flaviviruses such as dengue virus (1, 2, 3 and 4), Japanese encephalitis virus, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, St. Louis encephalitis virus, yellow fever virus and tick-borne encephalitis virus are a great burden on public health. This technology describes an identified CD4+ T cell epitope occurring within the E-glycoprotein of West Nile virus and methods of using this polypeptide to increase vaccine immunogenicity in monovalent vaccines.

Many attempts to develop multivalent flavivirus vaccines have encountered difficulties due to widely variable immunogenicity between serotypes and related interference issues. This technology will be useful for stabilizing and enhancing efficacy by increasing immunogenicity of the weaker components of the vaccine, creating a more balanced vaccine. Additionally, in vivo murine studies have demonstrated efficacy and proof of concept, suggesting that this technology can confer priming and/or boosting capabilities to flavivirus vaccine development.

  • Creation of a safe, efficacious and immunogenically balanced dengue virus vaccine
  • Additions to the weaker elements of multivalent flavivirus vaccines, providing vaccines with improved immunogenic balance
  • Research tools for vaccine development, improvement programs for flaviviruses
  • Improving the immunogenecity of monovalent vaccines, candidate vaccines
  • In vivo studies indicating proof-of-principle and efficacy
  • Presently there are no safe, effective commercially available dengue vaccines
  • Provides unique solutions for development of flavivirus-genus or species-specific vaccines


PCT Application PCT/US2012/046269
Filed on 2012-07-11
US Application 61/506,934
Filed on 2011-07-12
US Pat 9,284,356

Issued 2016-03-15

Various international applications pending


Crill WD, et al.
PMID 23162552
Hughes HR, et al.
PMID 22244913


Jul 9, 2014

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