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Air Quality Assurance: A Monitor for Continuous, Simultaneous Analysis of Atmospheric or Aerosolized Particulate Mixtures

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Charles Litton (CDC)
Jon Volkwein (CDC), William Schiffbauer (CDC)
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  • In situ data available (on-site)
  • Prototype
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This technology pertains to monitors for measuring the mass concentration of ambient particulate matter in an atmosphere containing both larger/coarser (e.g., respirable dust) and smaller/finer (sub-micrometer particles such as diesel particulate matter - DPM) particulate mixtures. The monitoring device can be configured for operation with a controller unit adapted to ionization sensor and/or light-scattering modules. The controller translates the sensor output signal into a quantifiable value, determining mass concentration of particulate matter within the ionization chamber. For example, practical applications of this monitor/analysis technology would easily extend to use in mining operations (where both DPM and respirable dust exist in abundance), industrial manufacturing facilities, and anywhere that frequent or extended exposure to fuel-combustion exhaust or airborne pollution is a concern. Further, by virtue of its ability to distinguish “fire smoke” from other aerosols that may be present, the device also has significant potential for use in early-warning fire detection.

  • Airborne particle monitor for mining and industrial manufacturing operations
  • Addressing emissions control standards and regulations
  • Early-warning fire detection in locations where traditional smoke-detector use is impractical
  • Inexpensive and simple to implement
  • Device provides continuous, simultaneous, and independent measurement of both respirable dust and diesel particulate matter (DPM) mass concentrations
  • Previous particulate counting technologies are both expensive and cannot provide accurate quantification of coarse/fine aerosol mixtures, concentrations


US Application 60/369,537
Filed on 2002-04-01
US Pat 6,965,240

Issued 2005-11-15


Feb 28, 2014

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