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Virus Replicon Particles as Rift Valley Fever Vaccines

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Primary Inventors: 
Brian Bird (CDC)
Cesar Albarino (CDC), Kimberly Dodd (CDC), Stuart Nichol (CDC)
Development Stage: 
Pre-clinical (in vivo)
Development Status: 
  • In vitro data available
  • In vivo data available (animal)
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Rift Valley fever (RVF) virus primarily infects animals but also has the capacity to infect humans. The disease causes abortion and death among RVF-infected livestock, resulting in substantial economic loss to people living in many parts of Africa and Arabian Peninsula. Currently, there is no commercial vaccine for RVF. CDC scientists have developed a RVF virus replicon particle (VRP) vaccine candidate. Research findings revealed that immunization of mice with a single dose of the RVF-VRP was found to be safe and elicited immune response that offered 100% protection following exposure to lethal dose of virulent virus. RVF-VRPs have the potential to become effective and efficient RVF vaccines in livestock animals and humans.

  • Rift Valley fever vaccine for livestock and/or humans
  • VRPs may serve as useful laboratory tool to study the basic mechanisms of virus replication, assembly, kinetics, and virus maturation
  • Murine survival study showed single-dose immunization completely protected mice against a virulent RVFV challenge at 100,000-fold greater than the 50% lethal dose (LD(50))
  • Rapid onset of a systematic antiviral response suggests conference of early protection
  • Low genetic diversity for RVF virus indicates a strong potential for broad-use effectiveness with this vaccine


PCT Application PCT/US2013/046250
Filed on 2013-06-18
US Application 61/661,614
Filed on 2012-06-19
US Pat 9,687,542

Issued 2017-06-27


Dodd KA, et al.
PMID 22345465


Jan 28, 2014

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