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Personal Air Sampler for Collecting Airborne Aerosol Particulates for Molecular Analysis by Size

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Teh-Hsun Chen (CDC)
Herbert Edgell (CDC), Jyoti Keswani (CDC)
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Development Status: 
  • In situ data available (on-site)
  • Prototype
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This invention consists of a sampling apparatus that utilizes one or more cyclone separators to collect airborne particles from the atmosphere. The apparatus not only separates out aerosols from the atmosphere, but also serves as a collection tube for aerosol particles. Through its unique design, this CDC-developed apparatus is able to use the centrifugal force of the air flow on aerosolized particles forcing them to separate by size. Since the sample is collected directly in a microcentrifuge tube, in situ analysis of the ambient particulates can be performed. Analysis may include, but is not limited to, PCR, immunoassay analysis, microscopic spore counting, and counting colony-forming units. The device should also have many additional uses for environmental surveillance and occupational health applications.

  • Analysis of ambient air particulates
  • Environmental surveillance
  • Occupational safety monitoring
  • Biodefense
  • Long-term exposure assessment
  • Rapid, on-site sampling and analysis.
  • Alternative to surface-sampling and culturing for aerosolized biological agents.
  • Superior extraction efficiency compared to filters, impingers, and impactors.
  • Real-world testing demonstrated device's ability to collect airborne mold and mycotoxins, pollen and pollen fragments, airborne dust particulates, as well as airborne influenza virus in a hospital environment.


PCT Application PCT/US2004/032378
Filed on 2004-10-01
US Application 60/512,252
Filed on 2003-10-17
US Pat 7,370,543

Issued 2008-05-13
US Pat 8,205,511

Issued 2012-06-26


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Jan 8, 2014

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