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Nucleic Acid Assays for the Detection and Discrimination of Aspergillus Fungi Species within Biological Samples

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Christine Morrison (CDC)
Hans Hinrikson (CDC)
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Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
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In vitro data available

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This invention relates to assays for the detection and species-specific identification of Aspergillus fungi. Accurate clinical diagnosis of Aspergillus species has become increasingly important as certain species, such as A. terreus and A. fumigatus, are resistant to specific commonly employed antifungal compounds. Most contemporary fungal diagnostic methods are time-consuming and inaccurate. This invention directly addresses those inadequacies by providing a method to rapidly and accurately differentiate all medically important species of Aspergillus based on differences in the DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer 1 region of ribosomal DNA.

  • Directing antifungal drug therapy for improved patient outcomes
  • Detection, discrimination of Aspergillus species from biological samples
  • Addressing secondary infections of immunosuppressed individuals or asthmatics
  • Easily adapted for use in kits
  • Assay may be used in real-time PCR, in enzyme immunoassays and/or in microarrays
  • High-throughput capable


PCT Application PCT/US2003/016076
Filed on 2003-05-16
US Application 60/381,463
Filed on 2002-05-17
US Pat 7,384,741

Issued 2008-06-10
US Pat 7,871,779

Issued 2011-01-18


Hinrikson HP, et al.
PMID 15872227


Dec 23, 2013

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