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Novel Epitopes of Bacillus anthracis Lethal Factor for Development of Diagnostics and Therapeutics

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Primary Inventors: 
Anne Boyer (CDC), Jason Goldstein (CDC)
Conrad Quinn (CDC), Dennis Bagarozzi (CDC)
Development Stage: 
Pre-Clinical (in vitro)
Development Status: 
  • Early-stage
  • In vitro data available
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CDC researchers have characterized epitopes of Bacillus anthracis Lethal Factor (LF), a critical component of the B. anthracis lethal toxin. These epitopes may allow for development of therapeutics for the treatment or prevention of B. anthracis infection. They may also allow screening for B. anthracis LF in a sample and development of a peptide anthrax vaccine.

  • Diagnostic tests assessing active Lethal Factor in a sample
  • Anthrax neutralizing therapeutics and vaccines for B. anthracis
  • Biodefense, biosecurity
  • Potentially faster, lower-input assay compared to current Edema Factor detection methods
  • Easily adaptable for high-throughput screening of numerous specimens


PCT Application PCT/US2013/059179
Filed on 2013-09-11
US Application 14/427,329
Filed on 2015-03-11
US Application 61/699,738
Filed on 2012-09-11


Boyer AE, et al.
PMID 17929949


Dec 23, 2013

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