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HIV-1 Multi-Clade, Multivalent Recombinant Vaccine Construct

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Primary Inventors: 
Sherry Owen (CDC)
Renu Lal (CDC)
Therapeutic Area: 
Infectious Disease
Development Status: 
  • Early-stage
  • In vitro data available
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CDC scientists developed immunogenic multi-clade, multivalent (HIV1MCMV) recombinant constructs for use as HIV-1 vaccines. These polypeptides include immunogenic CTL, T- and/or B-cell determinants that are capable of eliciting broad and effective immune responses against diverse subtypes of HIV-1. It is believed that these HIV-1 constructs provide universal vaccines, capable of effective use in any part of the world affected by the HIV-1 epidemic. The construct contains specific cellular targeting epitopes that allow optimized antigen processing and recognition, and the design of the construct allows for the addition or deletion of epitopes. Additionally, the construct may be used to develop multi-pathogen vaccines by combination with other epitope-based constructs.

  • Development of HIV-1 vaccine
  • Allows easy epitope-tailoring
  • Broad spectrum protection against HIV-1
  • Unlike other HIV-vaccination strategies, this approach specifically primes both arms of the immune system for improved protection
  • Can be combined with other epitope-based constructs to generate multi-pathogen vaccines


PCT Application PCT/US2004/009767
Filed on 2004-03-26
US Application 60/458,880
Filed on 2003-03-28
US Pat 7,425,611

Issued 2008-09-16

Various international patent applications pending or issued


Oct 23, 2013

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