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Real-Time PCR Assay for Specific Detection of Haemophilus influenzae Serotypes A and B

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Primary Inventors: 
Jennifer Thomas (CDC)
Cynthia Hatcher (CDC), Leonard Mayer (CDC), Mary Theodore (CDC), Raydel Anderson (CDC), Xin Wang (CDC)
Therapeutic Area: 
Infectious Disease
Development Status: 
  • Early-stage
  • Pre-clinical
  • In vitro data available
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Haemophilus influenzae is responsible for life-threatening respiratory infections including meningitis. This assay allows for the qualitative detection of the bacterial meningitis pathogen H. influenzae serotype A (Hia) and serotype B (Hib) in fluid samples, without detecting any of the other serotypes of H. influenzae. This invention is capable of detecting even the very small numbers of Hia or Hib within clinical specimens.

  • Meningitis nucleic acid-based diagnostics for testing clinical samples
  • Useful for public health monitoring programs
  • Surveillance of circulating H. influenzae serotypes
  • Easily adapted to a real-time PCR assay (monoplex or multiplex) kit
  • Rapid, accurate and specific, especially when compared to sero-diagnostic approaches
  • No further testing need, presently ready for commercialization


PCT Application PCT/US2012/022753
Filed on 2012-01-26
US Application 61/436,535
Filed on 2011-01-26
US Pat 10,669,591

Issued 2020-06-02
US Pat 10,683,558

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Issued 2017-03-14


Oct 18, 2013

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