Intra-bone Drug Delivery Device and Method

The invention pertains to devices for directly infusing cellular therapeutics into patient bone. The device monitors intra-bone pressure using pressure sensors disposed at its proximal end and adjusts infusion pressures during infusion such that intra-bone pressure does not exceed levels of systemic blood pressure. Such devices, apparatus and methods are particularly suitable for use in performing bone marrow transplants, particularly transplants that utilize cord blood as a stem cell source.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
Drug delivery to bones  
  • Therapeutic uptake efficiency
  • Drug delivery efficiency
  • Target specificity

Robert Hoyt (NHLBI)
Randall Clevenger (NHLBI)
Jeremy Pantin (NHLBI)
Timothy Hunt (NHLBI)
Omer Aras (CC)
Richard Childs (NHLBI)

Intellectual Property:
US Application No. 61/771,463

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Michael Shmilovich , Esq.
NIH Office of Technology Transfer
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OTT Reference No: E-165-2012/0

Updated: 06/18/2013