Vaccine Adjuvant for Inducing Th17 Focused Response

Adjuvant selection can be critical to a vaccine's effectiveness. Ideally, an adjuvant will target and activate specific immune pathways to increase the magnitude of a response to the vaccine. A limited range of adjuvants are presently available for human clinical use; these primarily affect T helper cells 1 and 2 (Th1 and Th2). Currently, no adjuvants are approved for human use which primarily affect IL-17-producing T helper cells (Th17) cells. Th17 focused adjuvants may prove critical for developing operative vaccines against pathogens where Th17 activity is essential for protection. This technology relates to novel adjuvants activating either caspase-associated recruitment domain protein 9 (CARD9) or caspase 1 pathways, or a combination of the two; and methods for using these adjuvants for stimulating an immune response. These adjuvants induce Th17 focused stimulation, which may prove essential to development of effective vaccines against a range of pathogens including bacteria and fungi.

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Vaccine   Th17 skewing adjuvant

F. Alan Sher (NIAID)
Kevin Shenderov (NIAID)
Vincenzo Cerundolo
Gurdyal Besra

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US Application No. 61/709,713
PCT Application No. PCT/US2013/063388

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Updated: 08/22/2013