Recombinant NIE Antigen from Strongyloides stercoralis

Strongyloides stercoralis is an intestinal nematode endemic that affects an estimated 30 to 100 million people worldwide. Many of these individuals may be asymptomatic for decades. The present invention discloses a NIE recombinant antigen that can be used in improved assays and diagnostics for S. stercoralis infection. The NIE antigen is the only one that is non-cross-reactive with sera from humans with other related filaria infections. The NIE antigen can be utilized as a skin test antigen for immediate hypersensitivity as well as for use in ELISA or other assays.

Potential Commercial Applications: Competitive Advantages:
  • Assays and diagnostics for S. stercoralis infection
  • Only non-cross-reactive Strongyloides antigen
  • Use in a variety of formats

Thomas Nutman (NIAID)
Ravi Varatharajalu (NIAID)
Franklin Neva (NIAID)

Intellectual Property:
Research Material – Patent protection is not being pursued for this technology.

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Licensing Contact:
Edward (Tedd) Fenn , J.D.
NIH Office of Technology Transfer
Phone: 301-435-5031

OTT Reference No: E-081-2012/0

Updated: Nov-13-2013